Fencing Spade
H351 (814240) 1.22 m

Unique head - sharp blade and strong cast alloy steel head
Ideal weighting
600 mm depth indicator
High tensile welded neck
Made in NZ

Fencing Spade
Round Head
H349 (872118) 1.12 m
H350 (872117) 1.22 m

Hardened steel for long life
Double curvature head allows greater dirt removal
Made in NZ

Post Rammer
H386AP (872018)

Steel handle with cast iron foot makes compaction easy
Half round head to suit any application
Made in NZ

Steel Standard Driver
H352 (872015)

Dual handle and compaction weighting to assist driving with ease
Made in NZ

Steel Standard Lifter

Robust design with excellent leverage
Made in NZ