Permanent Wire Strainer with Insulator
H302/H516 (872005)

Made in NZ

Permanent Wire Strainer
H302 (872003)
The original ratchet wire strainer
Superior load capacity
Famous for strength
Made in NZ

Insulator for Permanent Wire strainer
H516 (872034)

Clips into Hayes Permanent Wire Strainer H302 body
Made in NZ

Tightening Handle
H303 (872007)

Used in conjunction with permanent wire strainers to tighten fence wire
Made in NZ

ProCut Premium Wire Cutters
H760 (812226)

Laser heat treated cutting edges for longer life and superior cutting performance
Unique knife and block style cutting edge ensures perfect mating of cutting surfaces
Comfortable non-slip handle grips for greater control

Made exclusively for HAYES by Channellock (US)
Batten Helper
H750 (810257)

Prevents the batten from moving while stapling
Strong one-piece design, lightweight to carry
Made in NZ